Elevate and Transform a Simple Outfit: Accentuate with Jewelry

Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear and it always gets noticed. Anyone can get dressed up and be glamorous. It’s how you dress on your ‘days off’ thats most intriguing. What is my style is not necessarily your style, and vice versa. Fashion you can buy, trend you can follow, but style you possess. It’s not something you can define but rather something that you express in your own way. One way to express it is with jewelry…. and maybe a great pair of heels ;)

 In with the Classics

Vintage is here to stay and jewelry never goes out of style, plus, it will always fit!  Those bangles your mom saved from the 80’s, or the gold chains your dad wore in the 70’s can still be worn today, and probably look even better then they did 30-40 years ago. Just wear one piece to add a little spice to your outfit.



Make a Statement

Sometimes all you really need is a bold and distinctive piece to create the outfit for you. There is an overwhelming variety in jewelry design nowadays. Personally, I find beauty in things that are odd or imperfect. Statement pieces can elevate your ensemble from boring to fetching. It’s also more interesting, unique, and stands out from the basic mass produced counterparts.


 Beauty in Versatility is Creativity

 I’m all about versatile jewelry. If you have a busy day than you probably don’t have time to think about matching jewelry to your day and night attire. But what if all you need is one piece that can be rearranged around any look you’re going for? Just grab it and wrap it! Wear casually as a bracelet during the day and later reverse wrap it around your neck for an elegant choker or necklace for a night out. There are endless ways to create your own style accordingly. Some of my designs even come apart to become longer or shorter but still can be worn as one piece. 




Less is More...More or Less

Layering can make your outfit or make it tacky. Layering jewelry is tricky but if done right can really be awe inspiring and resplendent. If you’re going to layer make sure it cohesive - don’t just pile on everything you like and own. Focus on layering one type of jewelry; bracelets or necklace. For example, if you're layering necklaces, add small simple earrings or a matching bracelet.  Also, keep a concept but add hints of color and texture. If you’re going with silver, perhaps accentuate with black or metallic grey leather. If you’re wearing gold, maybe add a little something white or red to the mix.



This is the very first blog I have ever written and really there is no wrong. At the end of the day be bold, be beautiful, be yourself. The biggest mistake one can make is perfection and if people stare make it worth their while and give zero fucks - you will be respected for it. Jewelry is art and you are the blank canvas and life is too short to wear boring jewelry.




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  • Nadia- I am overwhelmed. This is incredibly well written, interesting and true to your approach of style. Congratulations.

    Scott Aseltine
  • Love the blog… it is simple, yet so true. At the end of the day be bold, be beautiful, be yourself. All the best, Nadia, wishing you all the success in the whole wide world! Cheers

    Lucy Edwards
  • Very creative, different and elegant the same time


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