Nadia Kuznetsova
Designer & Founder
"Jewelry is art and you are the blank canvas"
NadineByNadia originated in NYC in 2019 by designer Nadezdha Kuznetsova. (Her brand name being derived from the two shorter versions of her real name - Nadine or Nadia). 
Growing up in NYC much of her inspiration is derived from the city's diverse style and iconically historic trends that defied social norms. Nadia started by refurbishing vintage leather jackets, more as creative outlet for herself, but as her work gained recognition she was able to build a local clientele base. This small venture evolved, and that's where she discovered her proclivity for creating style by way of jewelry. Self taught in this craftsmanship it was her passion, dedication, creative artistry, and custom designs that led her to consistently produce exquisite unconventional pieces. All jewelry is individually handmade by Nadia herself to be one of a kind and a little work of art. 
Since its official launch in 2019, NadineByNadia has been featured with, RAW Independent Artists, NYC Fashion Week 2020, Oxford Fashion Studio, Elle Magazine, Glamour, Bazaar and multiple celebrity promotions. Her jewelry is currently displayed with TrendHaus Showroom in Downtown LA.
Nadia resides in San Diego visiting NY whenever she can.


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