My name is Nadezhda (Nadia for short) and for those who knew me for a very long time, Nadine. Hence, the name Nadine.By.Nadia.

I have always been an unconventional and neoteric soul and I finally found my creative outlet in jewelry design. After four years of trial and error (and family encouragement) I feel ready to replicate the concept I have envisioned. 
The goal behind my design is to make pieces that will bring any outfit to life. A jewelry with attitude that still maintains elegance. Majority of my work is made on 100% upcycled genuine leather, which adds to the flexibility and versatility to almost every item. Everything is lovingly handmade and one of a kind.  I hope you enjoy my jewelry as much as I love making it. After all, fashion is just another trend to follow. Own a style.
Nadia Kuznetsova