Nadia Kuznetsova 
NadineByNadia originated in NYC in 2017 by designer Nadezha Kuznetsova. Her brand name is derived from the two shorter versions of her real name.

Born in Russia and growing up in New York City, Nadia was introduced to fashion when she started her ten year long modeling career with Wilhelmina Agency at the age of 13. However, being a defiant and free spirited individual, she always knew she had a desire to create something unique. Nadia started with refurbishing and studding vintage leather jackets into bold and daring looks. She was able to build a local clientele base and a feature for a show with Fashion Institute of Technology. This small venture evolved into jewelry design and that's where she really discovered her creative outlet and passion. All her pieces are truly handmade and designed to be unique, distinctive, and memorable.

After spending two years designing her products and building her brand, NadineByNadia, was officially launched in January 2019. Since then she has been a featured designer with RAW Independent Artists, NYC Fashion week with Oxford Fashion Studio, Elle Magazine, and Fashion Weekly. Her jewelry is currently displayed with TrendHaus Showroom in Downtown LA.